What skills and qualifications are needed for care assistant jobs in Sheffield?

Care assistants, also known as care workers and social care workers, are people who usually work with the elderly, the disabled, and children. They work in homes, hospitals or retirement facilities all around Sheffield, helping people manage their daily activities - in other words, making life manageable for those who have problems.

Skills and Qualifications - For most care assistant jobs in Sheffield, the formal qualifications are minimal. You'll usually get on-the-job training from the people you are working for, most of whom like things done a particular way and at specific times throughout the day.

However, once you begin working you may be asked to study for the NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care - as these are becoming more and more necessary in jobs not only in Sheffield but throughout the UK.

Required skills include being able to lift, carry, clean, help cook meals, do housework and shopping, wash sheets and towels, and help clients bathe and dress.

Working Hours - Your hours may be a little odd as often you'll be sharing the job with one or two other people, if the client requires 24 hour care. Depending on the job, you may be required to do overnights (although hourly rates tend to be higher then too, which is nice), work on weekends, or share shifts with other care assistants.

If you want just part-time work though, being a care assistant in Sheffield can be a great way to get it. Nursing facilities, retirement homes and families often need someone who can come in for just a few hours every week.

Looking for Care Assistant Jobs in Sheffield - A great way to start your job hunt through a huge number of care assistant jobs in Sheffield is to look at employment websites like indeed.co.uk or careassistantjobs.org.uk, as they often have hundreds of job listings for care assistants.

Sheffield Health and Social Care (sct.nhs.uk) can also help you with both jobs and training courses, and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (sth.nhs.uk) also offer job opportunities and training for those interested in the care assistant field.


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