A care assistant job description

A care assistant job description will state that assistants are responsible for providing high quality care services to individuals living within their own homes or within a residential unit if they have more complex care needs.

The main duties of a care assistant in the community will include following a care plan ensuring that individuals can remain in their own home, assisting individuals with personal care such as washing, dressing or hair and nail care, domestic chores such as hoovering, dusting, washing dishes or emptying bins, administering medication as outlined by the doctor and fetching prescriptions from the pharmacy or pensions from the post office. A care assistant may also be required to accompany individuals when they go grocery shopping or assist during social outings.

Within a residential home, particularly if it is a special care unit, care assistants will need to have specific qualifications and skills to implement care plans effectively. Such special care homes include those for dementia, and it will often list on the job description whether assistants are required to have any prior experience of having worked with patients who have dementia.

When managers compile a care assistant job description, they will need to consider all of the duties that the assistant will be required to undertake. This will include being responsible for administering medication correctly, following care plans and adhering to health and safety policies and regulations. A job description must be thorough and include all of the relevant duties which an individual applying for a job will be required to carry out.

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