We check out where you can find Cardiff jobs online

Are you living in the beautiful Welsh capital of Cardiff and looking to get yourself a new start in a new job? If so, then you have come to the right place as we seek to get you hooked up with some brilliant new Cardiff jobs by showing you the best places to search for them online! So let's get started...

As the capital of business and commerce in Wales, Cardiff is easily the best place in the country to go job hunting. It has an unbelievable array of openings for people of all skill levels across a huge range of different jobs. Perhaps the first place you should be checking on your Wales job hunt is the Cardiff Job site at cardiffjobs.co.uk, as they claim to have a whopping 700+ jobs available right now. This site lets you upload your CV - meaning you can keep looking for jobs, even when you aren't online.

Another site that is a fantastic resource for people seeking a job in Cardiff is mycardiffjobs.co.uk, which is another site dedicated solely to advertising jobs in the Cardiff area. They break down professions into different sections, and also give you tips in each section about how to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers. They are well worth a look.

Finally, a job site always worth checking out for more professional style jobs is the Reed website at reed.co.uk. Reed are one of the biggest job consultants in the UK, and they have plenty of experience working in the Cardiff area, so a look at their site will reap rewards.


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