Explore Resources and Programmes at Cardiff Job Centre

Cardiff job centre provides a full range of services and programmes for job seekers. Information is available in person at the job centre or by accessing the online job centre site at DirectGov.

Contacting the Cardiff Job Centre

The Cardiff job centre can be found at 64 Charles Street, City Centre, Cardiff CF10 2GS. Reach the jobcentre by telephone at 0800 055 6688 or by accessing the free text phone service at 0800 023 4888. Phone lines are open between 08:00 and 18:00 each weekday. Contact the Cardiff job centre about non-urgent issues by submitting your question or comment directly on the DirectGov website. To cancel an interview with an advisor, call the job centre at 0845 604 3719.

Services Provided by Cardiff Job Centre

The Cardiff job centre will determine if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits or other assistance. You can file your claim and apply for loans and grants in person at the job centre. Budgeting loans are awarded for eligible individuals who have an urgent need for furniture and clothes. If you have an extreme situation, you may be able to receive a crisis loan. The homeless and those who have recently completed a prison sentence may qualify for a community care grant through the job centre.

Training programmes and other resources for jobseekers are also provided by the Cardiff job centre. Visit a programme centre for free access to newspapers, the internet, stationery and stamps to help you complete job applications. Or sign up for training to improve your interview skills and job researching abilities to land your ideal job.

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