Canadian jobs for UK citizens are up for grabs

Canada is a land of opportunity. If you are seriously thinking of working in Canada, there are numerous opportunities across every sector at present. Ranging from construction to sport there are Canadian jobs for UK citizens to be found, almost everywhere in the country.

The health care, IT and skilled labour/trade sectors are particularly hard hit by shortages. But so also, are less obvious sectors such as agriculture, retail and telemarketing. Failure by Canada to fill vacancies will result in massive lossses to it's economy.

With so many jobs on offer, there are numerous ways British people can find their ideal job. Many people have started their careers in Canada by going initially on a holiday visa. During their stay they have been able to find employers willing to sponsor them with work, and subsequently they qualify for a work visa.

There are thousands of jobsites, both at home and in Canada with listings of current vacancies. Canadajobs.com and jobbank.ca provide a job search and job by email sevice. Candidates can post CV's and receive job email alerts.

Recruitment agencies can take some of the hard work out of finding jobs in Canada, and can assist with immigration and relocation issues. Hays recruitment and Adecco are two of the more reputable agencies based in Canada.

If you are looking for your next career move, Canada has it all to offer. With an abundance of Canadian jobs for UK citizens waiting to be filled at the moment, it's the place to be.

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