Using Canada recruitment agencies

People who are serious about finding employment in Canada should make sure that they use Canada recruitment agencies. Many businesses in Canada use these agencies to hire staff. The only scenario where it is uncommon to use an agency is when the business that hiring is very small.

Job seekers can find recruitment agencies in Canada using a few different methods. Many people choose to look for vacancies on websites such as the Canadian Job Bank and see who has listed the advertising. If it was listed by a recruitment firm, the job applicant can simply contact that firm and express their interest in the position. However it is worthwhile for the job seeker to contact a few agencies and advise them that they are looking for work. This is because many job agencies have jobs that they will fill with applicants they already have on file without even placing an advertisement for the position.

There are numerous international agencies that have branches in Canada. Some of these include Drake and Adecco. Aside from these firms, there are hundreds of Canadian human resources firms that job seekers can go to. The easiest way to find recruitment agencies in Canada is to go to a website that lists agencies  A few good websites for this purpose are Directoryofrecruiters.com, Jobagencies.ca and Jobsincanada.ca. Once a job seeker has made contact with an agency they will have to go in for an interview within a few days. Due to this it recommended that immigrants wait until they have arrived in Canada before they start contacting agencies.


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