Why not join the Canadian Police? They're hiring!

Most Canadian police forces are struggling to recruit enough officers and they have recently received additional funding to increase officers on the street. This is good news for anyone hoping to find employment in Canada working in police jobs.

A Canadian police officer may serve at the municipal, provincial or federal level. Many provinces and larger municipalities operate their own police forces.

Canadians considering a career in policing have the opportunity to join the national police force called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or join a provincial force. If you are not a Canadian citizen you can only join a provincial police force.

At present, all Canadian police forces with the exception of Edmonton and Calgary require that you are either a Canadian citizen or that you have a permanent residence visa before they will hire you.

To get a visa you need to send in a Skilled Worker Application for Permanent Residence to the Canadian High Commission. Even if you satisfy the requirements you will have to wait between four and five years for the application to be processed.

A better avenue to employment in Canada working in police jobs is to use the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The PNP process takes on average eighteen months.

The process involves the provincial police force nominating you as someone in a job where there are shortages, and this process eventually leads to a permanent residence visa.

Becoming a Canadian police officer requires non-Canadians to complete an extensive hiring process, not unlike the tasks the job demands. With hard work and determination you can get a job in Canada working in police jobs with people who eventually become like family.

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