Applying for Canada jobs from the UK

Are you on the verge of making the big move from the UK to Canada? More and more British citizens are availing of the generous working holiday programme on offer from the Canadian Government to make a new start for themselves in one of Canada's clean and safe cities. One thing you should be able to sort out before you leave is a job for yourself, so in this blog we are going to take a look at Canada jobs.

Unlike a lot of other country's economies, Canada never really dipped into recession and it remains a hugely upbeat economy, and a great place to live and work. A brilliant resource for jobs in Canada is the Jobs in Canada site at jobsincanada.com. This site specialises in providing information and links to immigrants looking to get ahead in their chosen career in Canada. It shows you how you need to lay out your CV, tips for impressing prospective employers, and the kind of salary you can hope to attract in different fields. It should be your first stop on the Canada job hunt.

Another hugely important resource for finding a job is the Canadian Government job bank at jobbank.gc.ca. This site is government sponsored, and again provides a huge amount of information on job postings. This site contains plenty of links to Canadian Government civil service jobs, so if you have experience in a Civil Service job, this could very well be the perfect site for you to find a role in Canada.


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