A guide to Canada IT jobs

The first thing that people who are looking for Canada IT jobs should know is that there is a shortage of qualified IT professionals in Canada. The majority of people applying for jobs in IT do not have the educational background that Canadian employers are looking for. Due to this it is important that job applicants have been to university and studied IT at some point in their lives. Those who did not attend university should have enough industry experience for employers to consider overlooking the fact that they do not have the relevant qualifications.

There are numerous websites that job seekers can go to for IT work in Canada.  Some of these websites include It-careers.ca, Jobbank.gc.ca and Higherbracket.ca. Higher Bracket is a good choice for qualified and experienced IT workers who are looking for a high salary. These websites should be checked on a daily basis for new vacancies.

Immigrants to Canada should be aware that they may be able to get sponsored for a work visa. Due to the shortage of suitable applicants, many Canadian IT companies may be prepared to apply for a work visa on behalf of a potential employee.

Lastly in order to have a competitive edge over other applicants job seekers should be aware of what is going on in the Canadian IT industry. This can be done by reading Canadian IT publications. Some good industry magazines that job seekers should look at are IT World Canada, ITAC Online and CPIS Connections.


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