Can you work at home mailing things?

Do you want to work at home mailing things? There are some genuine opportunities out there, but unfortunately, all too often mailing jobs turn out to be scams.

Think about it - in today's market machinery is cheap and readily available. Even small companies can probably afford to invest a few hundred pounds in a printer and a folding and packing machine. In fact, companies could quickly recoup their investment as the cost of printing a letter or leaflet, folding it and packing it into an envelope, sealing the envelope, addressing it and even placing a stamp on it is likely to be under two pence when using machinery.

Now compare this to the work from home jobs that are advertised in this industry: "Earn £25 per hour" or "Earn £4 per envelope"... these numbers just don't add up. No company with any business sense would pay home workers to pack and mail items when they can do it in-house so cheaply.

Sadly, there is money to be made with this scheme, but it is by the scammers at the expense of the applicants, who apply for these positions in good faith believing that they can earn some extra income by honest work.

The advertisers will usually require applicants to purchase a starter pack or pay a sign up fee for their "services". These fees and charges usually cost over £50. However, you'll quickly learn that there is no mailing work - just instructions on how to continue the work from home scam.

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