Can I get unemployment benefits if I quit?

When you’re out of work you can claim jobseekers allowance, but can you claim it if you’ve voluntarily quit your position? Since you’re asking: Can I get unemployment benefits if I quit? you’re obviously considering leaving your position. The hard truth is that you may find that the Benefits Office delay jobseekers allowance for up to 26 weeks if you give your job up without good reason.

Current job

Working life is hard. That’s true no matter what profession you’re in. Employers are demanding and you don’t get the sort of money you expect no matter what position you’re in. If you’re considering leaving for general reasons of unhappiness, you really should consider whether a life without regular pay will make you happier? The hard truth is that in most cases, it simply won’t help your situation.

Jobseekers allowance if you resign

Your reason for resigning is at the heart of whether you’ll get jobseekers allowance or not. If you’ve basically been force to resign, perhaps your employer would not change your hours to allow you to look after your children, you will be able to prove “just cause” and you’ll be given jobseekers allowance. Without good reason Jobcentre Plus will delay or possibly not authorise jobseekers allowance.

Hardship payments

If you’re not entitled to jobseekers allowance, you might be able to claim a hardship payment. This is dealt with by HMRC rather than Jobcentre Plus so you’ll need to head to hmrc.gov.uk for more information on the subject. The payment is a reduced amount of Jobseeker's Allowance so it could help to alleviate your financial problems but it won’t meet most people’s outgoings.

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