Cambridge Student Needs Tutor for 16 Weeks and Will Pay £48,000

If you’ve got a spare 16 weeks and would like an additional £48,000 this could be the opportunity for you. A wealthy Cambridge University student is offering this small fortune for 4 months of private tuition in an attempt to get him through first year resits.

The hourly rate of £100 and the 30 hours a week must sound really appealing to anyone with teaching experience, but the Swiss student also wants a tutor who can help him “unwind” by playing sports, and weekend trips to Zurich are part of the job so this is for someone without any commitments.

The 20-year old Swiss national failed two of his four exams so must re-sit in order to continue studying at Cambridge University. His job advertisement asks for a Cambridge graduate who can coach him through Natural Sciences exams. The successful applicant must also be a non-smoker and someone who “leads a physically active lifestyle.”

The live-in teacher will work just six hours a day for five days a week over a 16 week period to help the rich undergrad, who has dyspraxia and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Helping the student to ingratiate himself in campus life is also part of the role. An en-suite room, complete with parking is offered as are all-expenses-paid trips to Switzerland.

If you’re an “excellent tutor” and an “inspiring mentor” you might like to apply, but you’ll also have to be a great house guest, paid friend and sporting buddy to someone who’s probably going to get a tad annoyed if his money doesn’t buy him results.

It seems that wealthy international students are attracted to Britain’s education system. We recently brought you word of an Arab businessman paying a personal tutor £122,300 a year, and we’re sure that this latest news won’t be the last time someone from abroad wants to spend his cash earning an education in one of England’s finest schools.

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