Where to look for Calzedonia vacancies

If you are looking for a career in the retail industry, consider various Calzedonia vacancies in the UK. Calzedonia is an Italian brand that sells underwear, beachwear and hosiery products for men, women and children. It is a €1.5 billion industry that operates on franchise and there are at least 1,300 shops in Italy alone employing about 15,000 people.

Where to look for jobs

Calzedonia is represented in many European countries including the UK, Belgium, Austria, France, Spain and Portugal. It is also present in other countries worldwide such as Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Take a look where you can search for Calzedonia vacancies.

  • Calzedonia (calzedonia.it)

The website is in Italian, but you can always translate it to English to get a feel of the site’s layout. Under the tab 'Job Center,' you will see a list of languages and countries where vacancies are posted. You will find present vacancies at this site such as sales assistant positions or store managers at various locations where Calzedonia franchises exist.

The site also gathers job offerings for sister brands of the Calzedonia group such as Tezenis, Intissimi, and Falconerie. If not interested in published vacancies, you can always submit a speculative application to explain your background and the type of job you are interested in.

  • Glass Door (glassdoor.com)

Glass Door searches the web for various vacancies in Calzedonia and its sister companies. You can find vacancies in the shops as sales assistant at the moment. Similarly, take a look at Fashion Personnel (fashionpersonnel.co.uk) where vacancies at Intissimi are announced as well as other retail giants.

  • Reed (reed.co.uk) and Indeed (indeed.co.uk)

Reed and Indeed work the same as Glass Door, so you will essentially find the same vacancies posted all over the net by the retailer.

Working with Calzedonia

Should you decide to respond to Calzedonia vacancies, be aware that you will receive training to get familiar with the job and the company. In order to cope with the demands of the job, support is also available from the brand so you can work well at the UK headquarters or in one of its branches. Get updates from the company by opening a free account with them where you can upload your CV and browse through Calzedonia vacancies all over the world.

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