Here’s Help For Finding Call Centre Jobs in Pretoria

Living in the Pretoria area of South Africa and hoping to land one of the fairly easy call centre jobs in Pretoria requires some work and research. If you are a student needing to make ends meet, jobs for students in Pretoria abound. It’s all a matter of knowing the best places to look and being persistent in your search.

Begin Searching Over the Internet

Although newspapers still have classified want ads, nearly everything is listed on the Internet as well. Using a search engine to look for call centre jobs in the Pretoria area will result in quite a few listings. You’ll find that nearly every listing is for a recruitment agency.

If you want job openings directly from an employer, then using the online classified ads from area newspapers is the best way to go to avoid the middleman of an agency.

Job Search Through Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies have an advantage of having job opening listings from many different companies and can offer more than a newspaper. Call centre jobs usually involve either customer service or sales. Several well-known recruitment agencies in the Pretoria area include ATripleA Recruitment, The Initiate Recruitment, Hi Tech Recruitment and LabourNet Recruitment Solutions.

Industries Hiring Call Centre Employees

Any industry that sells goods and services can have a call center. A call centre can be for making sales calls to potential customers, order taking or other customer service. Some companies even offer call centre work from home that cuts down on overhead costs to them.

What to Expect for Salary

Salaries generally run R4000 (£367) to R6000 (£500) per month depending on your work experience. Call centre sales may also receive commission on sales made. A majority of these jobs are also part time. Call centre jobs in Pretoria can be a lucrative way to earn extra cash.

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