Find call centre jobs in Glasgow today

Call centre jobs in Glasgow are not hard to come across and can be successfully applied for by almost everyone. While the wages aren't great for call centre workers - usually £6 - £8 an hour - minimal qualifications are required to land a job.

Communication skills are very important for people working in the call centre industry. A lot of your time will be spent dealing with customers and it's crucial that you're able to communicate with them properly.

Customers will be based around the world and come from many different backgrounds, so having a second language is a major advantage to candidates. If you can speak another language, don't forget to include this fact in your CV.

Having the ability to talk and type at the same time is another key skill for call centre employees. A typing ability of 75 - 90 words per minute will be enough to impress the majority of employers and should be included in the skills section of your CV.

There are numerous call centres located in Glasgow that provide job vacancies on a regular basis. Response is a leading provider of outsourced call centre services and can be found at 100 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, while Bellcom is a big international call centre at 64 Waterloo Street, Glasgow.

Other call centres in the area include 1 Call Direct and Percepta, which are located at 116 West Regent Street and 283 - 289 West Campbell Street respectively. Drop a CV into any of these places if you're looking for call centre jobs in Glasgow.


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