Finding work as a calculus tutor

Calculus is regarded by many people as a highly complex form of mathematics. In the USA, calculus is only introduced at university level, to students who have already chosen to pursue additional study in the subject. In the UK however, many young people are required to grapple with it in secondary school as well as during their third level education. Each year a high number of students retain the services of a calculus tutor, to help them become more familiar with this topic.

While calculus may be seen as a difficult form of mathematics, the vast majority of calculus tutors will not agree with this view. A good calculus tutor can explain the principles of this subject in a simple, concise and clear way, enabling the student to gain a good understanding of the theory behind it.

A calculus tutor should also aim to provide excellent instruction in the mechanics of the calculations themselves. Both differentiation and integration should be covered comprehensively, and the student should be able to comfortably work through these calculations independently of the tutor.

If you are considering supplementing your income by working as a calculus tutor, or if you are hoping to make this your primary occupation, it is advisable to practise your teaching technique before taking on any students. Make sure you have a general teaching plan for this subject, but be prepared to adjust it based on the requirements of each individual. If you wish to advertise your services online, look into website such as thetutorpages.com and tutornation.com.


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