Find cabin crew jobs at Manchester Airport

Almost 70 airlines operate out of Manchester, meaning that there are many potential cabin crew jobs at Manchester Airport. This is an exciting career which offers travel opportunities and a range of perks.

Those who obtain cabin crew jobs at Manchester Airport will be expected to work in shifts. As with most jobs, cabin crew must always arrive on time, well in advance of the scheduled take-off time of their flight. It is essential that all cabin crew be neatly dressed and presentable. Each airline has its own distinctive uniform and it is imperative that cabin crew present a clean and tidy appearance to their passengers. As the cabin crew are essentially the faces of the airline during each flight, they are responsible for upholding the image of the airline at all times.

Cabin crew must undergo extensive training before they can begin work aboard an aircraft. They must be fully familiar with all safety procedures and features of the aeroplanes on which they will be working. Typically they will also receive training in first aid and other emergency procedures.

Although emergency training is essential for those holding cabin crew jobs at Manchester Airport, most of the day-to-day duties of cabin crew can be classed as customer service. The crew must welcome passengers aboard the aircraft and ensure that they find their way to the correct seats. They must also check that all luggage is stowed safely in the overhead compartments. The crew must then perform the pre-flight safety briefing before the plane takes off. Once the flight is underway they are then responsible for serving drinks, food, and attending to various requests from the passengers.

If you are interested in cabin crew jobs at Manchester Airport, you are advised to contact the airlines directly. It is also possible for you to take a one day training course at Manchester Airport, which can help greatly with your application. Details of this training course can be found at cabincrewcourse.co.uk.

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