Looking to find out where to get business and banking jobs?

Trying to get your big break in the banking industry in the UK? Luckily, this sector has enjoyed a major bounce back in recent times, and there are a huge number of openings in it for people with the right qualifications. In this blog, we are going to set you on the right path as we show you where to find the best business and banking jobs.

If you are looking for a job in the business or banking sector in the UK, then you will probably find your greatest chance of nabbing one of these roles in the London area. As home to "The City", London is the mecca for financial jobs in the UK. A quick glance at a job site dedicated exclusively to banking jobs at bankingjobsuk.co.uk reveals the lions share of jobs are in the London area. However, you should still be able to find some roles in other cities too.

Another fantastic site for you to peruse offers a similar service, except for the fact it allows you to upload your CV in an attempt to grab a job even while you aren't online. That site is purelybanking.co.uk, and like we mentioned, your first duty on this site should be to upload your CV so companies can browse your credentials at any time.

A final site we are extremely happy to recommend is the famous recruitment company Reed and their site at reed.co.uk. Reed specialise in banking and business jobs, and a chat with one of their recruitment consultants can see you grab the job of your dreams with little fuss. Check them out today!


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