Bus Driver Jobs in Manchester

Currently, there are three main bus operators in Manchester operating from the City Centre or surrounding areas: First, Arriva and Stagecoach. There are 50 other operators that run through Manchester, such as Finglands or Rossendale bus, but they also operate outside Manchester as their main area (for example, Rossendale bus normally services Lancashire).

First Group - First is the leading bus operator and one of the leading providers of bus driver jobs in Manchester. Its fleet includes the latest vehicles and low-access buses, with space for buggies, wheelchair users and easy access ramps. Currently, First Group does not have any bus driver jobs in Manchester available, but has one Manchester jobs vacancy for bus cleaners. You can find the latest recruitment information, including job updates, at: http://www.firstgroup.com/careers/.

Stagecoach - Stagecoach employs over 18,000 staff nationwide and often updates job vacancies for bus driver jobs in Manchester or surrounding areas. Stagecoach also providers Manchester jobs on the Manchester Metrolink system for potential candidates. Currently, there is 1 PCV driver position available in Manchester with Stagecoach. You can apply online for the position and view all job requirements at: http://www.stagecoachbus.com/jobdetails.aspx?id=19 .

Arriva - Arriva offers Manchester jobs to candidates who display potential to contribute to the Arriva business network, including front-line staff (such as bus drivers and conductors), customer service assistants or marketing staff. Apprenticeship schemes, graduate programmes and training solutions are also available. There are currently no Manchester jobs or bus driver jobs available in Manchester from Arriva, but you can view other vacancies in similar areas or keep an eye on updates at: http://www.arrivabus.co.uk/find-a-job/ .

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