Guide to bus driver jobs in London

A job as a bus driver requires special skills. Recruiters will insist you give special care and attention to both the passengers and bus among other things. If you are considering bus driver jobs in London, you need to know what the roles and responsibilities of a bus driver are and how exactly to get started on the job.

Roles and responsibilities of bus drivers

Bus drivers are responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of passengers along designated routes every day. Your duty as a bus driver will be to follow a timetable and collect and drop off passengers at allocated bus stops. You will also be responsible for checking passes, taking fares and responding to passenger enquiries. Overall, your role is to ensure the safety and comfort of your passengers.

Most bus driver jobs in London will require you to work on set routes within the city's 700 bus routes. For example, you may work early morning, evening or night shifts on route 24, which is classed as a high frequency route. If you work full-time, you will put in approximately 37 to 45 hours work a week over a period of five or six days. Part-time working hours vary.

Training and provisional entitlement

Like any other specialised job, you need training to qualify for a bus driver job anywhere. Enroll for basic bas driver training with a company compliant with Driving Standards Agency's (DSA) regulations to get the necessary training and your Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) licence. You need an EU driving permit to get started in this training. There are, however, some bus companies that provide training to convert an ordinary car licence to a PCV permit.

In addition to bus driving training, you need to provide a medical report and get additional training, including:

- customer service training

- type training, and

- ticket training

You may also need driving classes with different types of buses within a bus company to get familiar with the buses. These classes ensure you are well equipped with skills needed to succeed in that particular bus company.

Basic salary

Bus driver jobs in London typically pay a basic salary of between £10.00 and £11.40 p/h, depending on the route and location. If you are a fully fledged bus driver with a PCV licence, you can earn approximately £500 per week in London. If you are a trainee bus driver, you can make up to £12,500 during training, which can increase to £15,000 as you gain more experience. Significant overtime pay is also available in most bus companies.

Where to apply

Most transport companies post bus driver opportunities on their official websites, such as nationalexpress.jobs. Browse London transport company websites to find open bus driver jobs in London.

Also, look out for the best bus driver vacancies on recruitment sites like Transport For London (tfl.gov.uk/corporate/jobs) and use search tools like indeed.co.uk to find jobs. Send in your job application online or visit the offices of the hiring company to place your application in person.

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