Where to find bus driver jobs

Are you interested in bus driver jobs? We've rounded up some of the best methods for finding work...

National job search sites a good place to start your job hunt. We recommend Total Jobs (totaljobs.com), Job is Job (jobisjob.co.uk), Monster (monster.co.uk), Reed (reed.co.uk) and the government run job database, Job Centre Online (jobcentreonline.co.uk). You can search for the key term "bus driver", or select the relevant category for a more broad range of driving jobs. Between these websites, you'll find vacancies for dozens of major bus driver employers right across the country. You can also upload your CV and receive regular updates with suitable vacancies.

The local media and "free ads" websites are another great place to look for bus driving jobs. This is because many small and privately run companies are unable, or unwilling, to pay the high advertising costs on the more mainstream sites. Gumtree is one of the best for finding local vacancies, especially if you're looking for a part time or casual position.

Remember to check the website of your local transport authority (for example, Ulster Bus). Not only will you find all the latest opportunities listed here, but you can also learn about training schemes, company benefits and useful information for applicants.

If you're willing to consider long distance bus and coach driving, head over to National Express' website to see what opportunities are available with them. Shifts may be long, but the salary is very competitive and full training is provided for promising candidates.


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