Burger King jobs

About 20,000 people across the UK and the Republic of Ireland work in a Burger King. The fast food chain is a place where you can work your way up, with 70% of job offers being made internally. Here we look at Burger King jobs and the benefits of working there.

Many people may think that Burger King jobs are just for students hoping to gain extra money while they are studying, but there are great career prospects available to people with drive and who aren’t afraid of hard work.

The benefits of working there include discounts for friends and family, a pension scheme, management bonus scheme, free uniform and meals, good holidays and competitive pay.

They have supervisor positions including shift running manager, assistant manager, senior assistant manager and restaurant manager. Staff at Burger King may feel unqualified to apply for a manager position, but BK rate being driven, having personality and being hard working as important and if you have these traits you will be in a good position for a promotion.

The company will send you on a 12 week training programme that will develop skills required for positions higher up in the organisational structure. The programme will help you learn about customer service, food safety, shift control skills, daily administration and many more key skills.

There are lots of Burger Kings spread out throughout the UK and positions are available often - simply download an application form and hand it in to a BK outlet. Positions are advertised in many places so keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Whether you are looking for a temporary job or a career, Burger King has a lot to offer. It provides competitive salaries for everyone and promotions are common for people who demonstrate passion, potential and a strong drive. To find out more about Burger King jobs, go to bkcareers.co.uk.

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