Burger King careers available to everybody

Burger King is one of the best known fast food companies in the world with a presence all over the globe. It's not surprising that a company of this size presents fantastic employment opportunities. You can search for Burger King careers in a many different areas.

Thousands of Burger King careers can be found in their restaurants. This is front line work with the company; serving customers, preparing food and ensuring the restaurants is kept in a proper condition. There are no specific qualifications required for these roles and everybody is welcome to apply. Restaurant staff with Burger King start off on the minimum wage.

Franchise sales and development is another huge area with Burger King. In these roles, you'll be responsible for the remodelling of new stores and the planning of new ones. A certificate or degree in a business related subject will ensure you have the qualifications to begin a career in this area; while salaries of between £15k - £25k can be expected by successful candidates.

And there are superb opportunities for people with a background in finance and accounting with Burger King. You'll need to have studied business and accounting practices to be considered for a position, which can see salaries exceed £30k.

Other areas where job seekers can search for employment with the company include legal, global operations and training, marketing, IT, communications and human resources.

If you've got the appetite for Burger King careers, check out their website where you can find the latest vacancies and exclusive benefits enjoyed by Burger King employees.

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