How to find building surveying graduate jobs

In the current economic climate being a graduate is not easy. With the contraction of the construction industry has come a decrease in job vacancies. Now, more than ever, it is vital for individuals to use every means possible to help find building surveying graduate jobs.

The most important tool for the job is your CV. Its purpose is to give a brief but full account of your education, qualifications, work experience and general interests. It should be professional looking and make the best possible impression on a prospective employer.

CVs should be tailor made for each position applied for, and be accompanied by a cover letter specific to the job and drawing attention to the main factors which make you a suitable candidate.

You can submit your CV speculatively to construction companies or in reply to an advertisement. Specialist jobsites dedicated to filling vacancies for building surveyors allow you to submit your CV online.

Sites such as careersinconstruction.com, constructor.co.uk, construction4professionals.co.uk and constructionjobs.com alllow you to search through vacancies and apply online.

Recruiment agencies can be of great assistance in finding work. Agencies such as Hays Construction, Reed Recruitment and Adecco have divisions which specialise in filling building surveyor vacancies. Registering with these agencies and submitting a CV is a great option.

Newspapers, job centres, company websites and specialist publications should all be checked regularly for vacancies. No matter how many building surveying graduate jobs you apply for, always try to follow up every application with an email or a phone call.


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