Find a job fast on Bristol Gumtree

When you are looking for jobs, it's only sensible to sign up with the big national job search sites. It can also pay to localise your search, which is where Bristol Gumtree comes in. In a city with a large population of young people like Bristol, it can be one of the most useful sources for local employment opportunities, and particularly for casual or part-time jobs.

The employment section on Gumtree (gumtree.com/bristol) divides jobs into 40 categories, offering more than 2,200 vacancies, with the majority in retail, catering and bar work.

There are plenty of management and professional jobs also included on the site, but Gumtree's strength, particularly in a city like Bristol, is in the service-industry, and restaurant, shop and bar jobs.

Bristol's vibrant club and restaurant scene is among the liveliest on Britain, with a multicultural population reflected in the huge range of cafes, bistros, diners and bars in the city. There is a constant turnaround of staff at these places, with new opportunities opening up all the time.

With a large student population in Bristol, competition for jobs can sometimes be fierce, so it's always advisable to check the listings first thing every morning, email in your application straight away, and be ready to present yourself for interview as soon as possible.

It's worth registering with Bristol Gumtree so that they can keep a record of all your job searches. That way it is easy to call up an important job description when you need it, rather than trawl through all the old listings.


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