Finding bricklaying jobs in Canada

Canada seems to be the hottest ticket in town right now when it comes to emigration. In the last year or so it would appear that most know at least one person who decided to take leave of their homeland in order to look towards a new life in Canada.

Although many of these people initially left on short term one year work visas, a good percentage of them harbour plans to stay there for as long as they can. Canada is one of the few countries that has weathered the current economic crisis with few visible effects.

While Canadians have been tightening their belts somewhat in the last 18 months or so, their government has done a fantastic job in ensuring that the country's economy was impacted as little as possible by the events abroad.

Thanks to the large number of natural resources available in the country, Canada has been able to maintain a strong export culture, while not relying on foreign imports to keep its manufacturing industry going.

This means that the building trade has escaped much more lightly than it has in other countries. There are still plenty of jobs available for bricklayers, especially experienced ones.

Minimum requirements for bricklaying jobs in Canada tend to be a high school or equivalent diploma, completion of an apprenticeship and at least four years of work experience within the trade.

On top of that you'll need competencies that include the ability to read blueprints, the ability to prepare, cut and lay blocks, bricks, stone, tiles and any other relevant materials, the ability to restore or repair existing structures and the ability to construct prefabricated masonry units.

If you tick all the boxes, then you should begin your search by checking out some of the most popular Canadian job sites for bricklaying jobs. These include www.simplyhired.ca, www.monster.ca and www.workopolis.ca.

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