Potential paths to break into management

It's not normally enough to tell you future employer, or even you're current boss, that you eventually want to break into management or advance your career. You need to think ahead and show them your potential. In this case, however, a management degree can really highlight your skills and help you climb the career ladder quicker than you could imagine.

Break into management with a management certificate

A good education and the right experience can help you skip a few years and break into a management role. Most people spend the majority of their working lives climbing up the career ladder - some at a slower pace than others - and gathering enough experience to prove their skills. A management degree, or certificate, however, can be a fast track route which prepares you with all the skills needed to lead in a management role.

Of course, you'll be expected to be educated to bachelor degree levels already in some cases and already have a strong background of experience behind you. If you're really eager to break into management roles, here's a few potential paths you could take:

General management - Master's Degree in Administration (MBA)

The MBA degree is one of the most popular graduate business degrees available today. It's widely sought by success driven individuals and considered one of the best qualifications for management to potential employers.

Earning to MBA allows you to learn essential skills such as critical decisions, evaluating personnel, number crunching and the foundations of managing an organisation. Added to that, all candidates for MBA degrees require a wealth experience before they apply - so once you complete an MBA you'll have both experience in the field and a certificate to show your worth.

Human Resource Management degrees

If you're looking to break into management within a more specific role, such as human resources, you should consider taking a specific human resource management degree. This, like the MBA, is postgraduate degree which focuses on team building skills, recruitment skills, employment law and diversity in the workplace (amongst other subject areas).

This is certainly ideal if you're sure you want to work in human resource management as the degree educates you in areas entirely relevant to human resources, giving you a huge advantage in human resources over regular MBA candidates.

Other specific management certificates

As well as the MBA and human resource management degree you can also specialise in areas such as hospitality management and healthcare management; because these are leading management industries looking for potential managers all the time the degree will also be specific like a human resource management degree. If you're not sure what area you want to break into management to you should certainly consider the MBA degree above all industry-specific qualifications.

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