Are you interested in Bradford careers in hairdressing?

Despite the predictions of many people that the recession would prove to be the downfall of the beauty industry, things haven't quite panned out that way at all. While there have certainly been many areas of the field that have suffered, such as the more expensive treatments like all day spa trips or niche therapy like acupuncture or aroma therapy, things like hairdressing have remained as popular as ever.

In hindsight, this was always going to be the case, after all, everyone needs to have their hair cut every once in a while! This is great news for those of you seeking Bradford careers in hairdressing, but before you can start off in the job, you're going to need to know what will be required of you.

While it's not essential to have any formal third level education to enter the hairdressing industry, it is recommended that you take at least an NVQ2 or SVQ2 Certificate in Hairdressing to prove to any potential employers that you know what you're doing! This can make all the difference when trying to get your foot in the door of a trainee position.

As a trainee, you'll be on rather limited hours, often unsociable ones, working for minimum wage of £5.93 per hour. Most of your time will be spent making tea and cleaning up after the more experienced hairdressers, but the tips and tricks you learn will prove to be invaluable in the long run.

Experienced hairdressers can expect to earn between £15,000 and £19,000 per year following their graduation from trainee positions. Managerial positions in the industry can pay up to £29,000, while those of you who really excel might be interested in a position as a senior stylist, where you could ultimately earn as much as £45,000 per year.

We recommend checking for trainee vacancies at the following Bradford salons;

  • Blue Hair Workshop, 14 Rawson Square
  • Mario's Hairdressing Academy, 83 Kirkgate
  • Toni & Guy, 39 Ivegate
  • Gino's, 35 Cheapside


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