How Bournemouth Job Centre can help you find your ideal employment

The new Bournemouth Job Centre Plus office was opened on 22nd February 2008. Situated in the town centre and close to public transport, it provides the people of Bournemouth with help and advice on all aspects of employment and training. Contact details are: Tamarisk House, 1 Cotlands Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 3BG 0845 604 3719. Or if you live nearer the Poole area: Dear Hay Lane, Poole, Dorset BH15 1NZ, 0845 604 3719.

As part of the Department for Work and Pensions, the Bournemouth Job Centre provides employment and benefit services for people of working age. Personal advisors offer support and advice in your job search along with training provisions and benefit guidance. Whilst giving support to the unemployed, the advisors are also required to ensure that those claiming working benefits are fulfilling their obligations.

If you need help writing your CV, interview tips or maybe you could do with improving your literacy or numeracy skills, the Bournemouth Job Centre plus office can advise you. You'll also find the touch screen, interactive job points very helpful in your search for employment. These list openings posted by Bournemouth area employers and jobs that are available further afield.

Bournemouth Job Centre also offers assistance to Bournemouth employers. By offering free job advertising and advice, they are able to fill their vacancies quickly and successfully.

New claims are now dealt with by telephone - 0800 055 6688 -  offices are open 8-6 Monday to Friday, and textphone - 0800 023 4888. Or you can register your claim online at direct.gov.uk, this site also gives you lots of information about the benefits available.

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