How to use blogs for your career

Do you regularly use blogs to help with your job? Or do you think blogs are a distraction from your work? If you're in the latter category, it might be time to think again. There are literally dozens of ways that blogs can be career tools. Here we look at some of the top reasons to read blogs.

Blogs as career tools

Bloggers often break news first. Or they're at the centre of the action and know more than the typical journalist ever could. After all, why read your media through a third party when you can get it directly from the expert?

There are bloggers in just about every industry you could think of commenting on the latest industry developments, industry trends, challenges, best practices and more. You can pick up excellent advice and handy tips in no time.

There are online directories and advice boards that highlight some of the best blogs for various industries. A quick Google (or other search provider) search should throw up some good results.

Blogs are a great place to turn to if you need advice on a particular topic. And one of the best - and most frequently overlooked - aspects of a blog is the comment section. Bloggers often interact directly with commentators, so you can ask for information and advice and there's a good chance that someone will get back to you.

Blogs as a job seeking tool

Blogs are also a great tool to use if you're looking for a new job. Because you can keep up to date with the latest industry developments, you'll have a pretty good idea about who's hiring.

In addition, blogs give great career and industry advice that could be indispensable at the interview. Throw in some of this insider information when you're answering an interview question and you'll sound like an expert! And, if you read blogs regularly, you probably will be one soon.

Why not start your own blog to highlight your areas of expertise?

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