Where to look for Birmingham and West Midlands jobs

Are you based in Birmingham or the West Midlands and you are looking for an excellent job that will freshen up your life and career? If so, you have come to the right place as we are here to help you achieve your aim as we show you where to find Birmingham and West Midlands jobs, so let's check out a few ideas for places to search...

Birmingham is England's second city, and as a result it is absolutely teeming with job opportunities for the right candidate. If you are looking for something in retail, then why not check out the absolutely massive Bull Ring, which houses a whopping 160 different retail outlets. You can check out the full selection of shops by checking out their site at bullring.co.uk. The Bull Ring contains every type of shop possible, and the website links to all of the current vacancies at the centre right now.

We have taken a quick glance at the Bull Ring site, and it has vacancies at a whopping 40 different stores, so check it out and start sprucing up that CV!

If you would like a more general look at the Birmingham job market, then all you have to do is point your browser towards the Birmingham Jobs page at mybirminghamjobs.co.uk. This site contains openings from outside of the Bull Ring and on the high street in Birmingham. This site is a more comprehensive look at the job market as it allows you to upload your CV so employers can find you at any time.


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