Find a Birmingham Part Time Job

With unemployment figures at an all time high more and more people are having to find part time work. However with such fierce competition at every turn the prospect of finding a new job can be extremely daunting. However there are a huge amount of part time jobs available if you just know where to look for them. Check out some of these examples of part time jobs and find your Birmingham part time job now!

Part-time Sales Assistant

There are a number of part time sales assistant jobs available throughout Birmingham so if you are a strong communicator with good people skills and enjoy being part of a customer service team then this could be the perfect part-time job for you. Check out who's hiring in Birmingham now!

Part-time Administration

Throughout Birmingham there are also a great deal of admin jobs available at a number of different companies. These positions usually require some level of previous experience. So if you have the relevant experience then start applying for part time admin jobs in Birmingham now!

Part time Nursing

There are also a variety of part time nursing jobs available throughout Birmingham. So if you are a qualified nurse and are looking to earn some extra money each week why not check out if there is a part time position that fits into your schedule.

Part-time Bar Staff

Throughout Birmingham there are also a huge number of part time bar staff and waiting vacancies. These jobs are well paid and the hours can often be flexible.

So if you are living in Birmingham and looking for work then start looking for all the part time positions available near you and start earning some extra income!

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