We look at potential Birmingham Job Center jobs opportunities

With so many people currently out of work in the United Kingdom and job prospects looking bleak for the majority of unemployed people due to the fact that many companies are still trying to cut costs rather than add to their workforce, we recommend that you start to think about alternative methods of finding yourself a new job.

While it might be the easiest option to sit in front of a computer for hours every evening, it doesn't represent the best use of your time and, in the long run, it will end up taking far more effort to successfully find a job than the alternatives.

We recommend you take a look at some of the Birmingham Job Center jobs on offer in your local area instead. Simply call into your nearest job centre and take a look at the regularly updated job postings on their noticeboards, take note of any of the positions you feel you would like to apply for and begin the application process.

Not only does this method mean that you won't come up against as much competition for the job in question, due to the fact that the vacancy isn't posted online, but it also means that you can take the time to speak to one of the experienced members of staff in the job centre itself.

These experienced professionals are there to help you find a job in whatever way they can, be that CV writing advice, career guidance or simply giving you an outlet to air your frustrations about the current job market.

If you are unsure where your nearest job centre is, this list should be able to point you in the right direction;

  • Job Centre Plus (100 Broad Street)
  • Job Centre Vacancies (Water Street)
  • Job Centre Plus (535 Coventry Road, Small Heath)
  • Job Centre Plus (3 Scotts Corner, Kings Heath)


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