Get yourself back to work with the Birmingham Evening Mail jobs section

If you're looking to get yourself back into employment or just fancy a change of career, you'll find absolutely everything you need to kick start your employment search in the Birmingham Evening Mail jobs section. As one of the major newspaper outlets in the West Midlands, the Birmingham Evening Mail offers one of the best job sections we have ever seen, with plenty of great advice, hints, tips and, most importantly, job listings for you to browse through.

Found by clicking "Find a New Job" on www.birminghammail.net, as well as in the paper every day, the job classifieds section is run by employment experts Fish4Jobs who have years of experience in finding people the best job to suit their experience.

Before you take a look at the job listings, it pays off to take some time to go through their excellent advice section which offers you some of the best information around when it comes to writing a great CV and cover letter, finding a job quickly and efficiently, choosing the right job for your skills, experience and abilities, preparing for the big interview, keeping the nerves at bay when it comes time to be interviewed, assessing your performance in interviews, and keeping your eye out for job scams, which there are unfortunately an awful lot of to be found these days - their general rule of thumb is some of the most straightforward, yet effect, pieces of advice we have ever come across: if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

With a list of featured jobs and almost 8,000 jobs in the West Midlands area to choose from, the Birmingham Evening Mail jobs site has literally everything you need to kick your career into action, so don't delay, check it out as soon as you can and get yourself back into the workforce.

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