Working for Birmingham City Council: A guide for job hunters

Birmingham City Council prides itself on being "more than just a job." Employees of the city can take pride in the fact that they help to provide services, amenities and improve the quality of life for more than a million residents in the Birmingham area. The largest council in England, the council employs close to 55,000 employees to serve its million residents.

Career Opportunities

Careers are available in almost any area imaginable. Choose an opportunity that's right for you, whether its in the area of tourism, sports and leisure, education, information technology, finance and accounting, museums and art galleries, social work, trading standards enforcement, architecture and planning, health care, road safety, human resources or legal - just to name a few.

Applying for Jobs

Interested applicants can search for jobs on the council website. Search by service area, key words, occupation or even salary range to find a vacancy that interests you. Alternatively, browse the "Jobs4U Bulletin" to view recent vacancies.

Submit your application online at the council website, or if you prefer, download the application form to your PC to complete in your own time. The council also accepts handwritten applications submitted by mail.

Each vacancy notice is accompanied by a vacancy information pack to give you all the information you need about the position, application deadlines, submission requirements and useful guidelines.

Benefits of Employment

Flexible employment schedules, family-friendly policies and job-sharing are all offered to employees. The council provides a substantial contribution toward employee pensions and offers a competitive level of salaries and benefits.

Employees can also benefit from a vast range of careers and promotional opportunities at Birmingham Council, and training and development to help you progress to the next step is provided throughout your employment.


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