Check out these biomedical science jobs canada

With the jobs in the health care and science sectors being on the rise, it is no wonder that students and healthcare professionals alike are finding it somewhat easy to find a job in their desired field. There are many types of biomedical scientists, like medical microbiologists (work with identifying micro-organisms causing diseases), clinical chemists (perform chemical analysis of body fluids), immunologists (work with understanding the immune system) and virologists (identifying viruses).

There are many employment routes that one in the biomedical sciences can take while working in Canada. The most popular is working in a laboratory, but there are also some positions available at the University and College levels in which you can instruct or a visiting/full time professor. There are certain requirements that you will need to meet if you wish to apply from certain jobs. If you are looking to work as a laboratory technician or technical writer, you required to have a bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in biology or a related discipline. If you are looking to become a researcher or lecturer, you will be required to have a Master's (MSc) or doctoral degree (PhD) in the biology or one the other related disciplines. Finally, if you are looking to acquire a tenure as a full time professor at a university, it is mandatory that you have at least a doctoral degree (PhD) and some post-doctoral research under your belt.

Depending on what area of work and study, as well as your experience in the field you are in, you can expect to earn anywhere between $30,000 to $120,000 per year. Some great web resources that are available for you to check out when looking for biomedical science jobs Canada are:




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