Requisites of a bilingual secretary job

If you have extra language skills, a bilingual secretary job might just be your cup of tea. As a secretary, you will provide services in English and another foreign language. The job will demand you use the language or languages in both oral and written communication. In other cases, the second language might only be needed occasionally, but proficiency is required.

What is expected

There are no formal academic qualifications needed, although a degree in languages, business or management is an asset. The candidate must possess at least an A level or equivalent in the second language. Completing a secretarial or an administration college course is also an advantage. Certificates and diplomas on business language can also be obtained for specific target languages.

  • Qualities

1. Organisational skills - In a bilingual secretary job, excellent organisational skills are needed to cope with rigorous administrative demands and tasks.

2. Multitasking abilities - In addition, the candidate must be able to multitask especially in a work environment where things are done in parallel – answering phones, preparing correspondence, talking to clients, and others.

3. Computer and typing skills - A person who is proficient with computers and who has excellent typing skills are sought after as a bilingual secretary.

4. Accuracy - Being accurate is essential to perform the job of a secretary not only in typing information, but also summarising minutes of meetings and communicating with clients and staff.

  • Tasks

1. When you have a bilingual secretary job, you are expected to translate documents and letters, write emails, reports and communications in both languages.

2. The job also requires speaking in a foreign language over the phone or in person.

3. You may also be asked to do interpretation tasks during meetings and conferences.

4. A bilingual secretary will also handle administrative tasks such as preparing meetings and taking minutes.

5. Booking conference rooms, travel arrangements of staff are other duties as well as maintaining appointment books and data bases.

  • Where you can find work

Bilingual secretaries are in demand. Language pairs that are most sought after are English with French, German, Spanish and Italian. There is also a need for secretaries who can speak Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. A bilingual secretary can find work in international organisations, multinational companies, travel agencies, and the tourism sector.

Career development

A bilingual secretary job is in demand and pays well from £18,000 to £35,000 per annum. Hence, if you are good at your job, you might be promoted to a senior or personal assistant position. Likewise, you can also move to related employment areas such translation, public relations, business marketing, and interpretation which are higher paying.

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