Big Brother 2014: application for new housemates ends February 28

Big Brother is looking for the next set of housemates and you’ve only got until February 28 to apply. If you’re the sort of wacky, original, all-out, over-the-top sort of person that Big Brother loves to have in the house then you’ve got just over two weeks to get your application in.

The reality show’s official website is calling all would-be contestants to apply this month. There’s a Big Brother 2014 application form to fill in, but the best part about the auditions has to be the recorded messages that people make. You know, the ones where they talk about how great they are and pretend to be something they’re not.

We can’t wait to see the house full again after last month’s very entertaining and very bitchy Celebrity Big Brother 2014. Jim Davidson’s been all over the press telling journalists how important his win was for him financial, but it’s also been a big boost to his media profile after the comic overcame sex offence allegations during 2013. Davidson spent the first eight months of 2013 with these allegations hanging over him after being held for questioning in January by detectives from Operation Yewtree, the probe sparked by the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Even if you’ve got nothing to run from and no name to clear like Davidson did before he stepped foot in the house, you might make the sort of “fantastic and fascinating Big Brother housemate” that BB’s producers are looking for. This year there are no open auditions so you have to apply if you want to get onto the show. Once you’ve applied, all you have to do is wait. Call backs should be made throughout February and into March so you’ll know if you’re in line for a spot on the latest edition of the hit reality show within a few weeks of applying.

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