Beware of jobs working from home packing

Jobs working from home packing may seem like a great career move, but all too often these opportunities turn out to be scams.

How the scams work

You'll be asked to purchase a starter pack, buy the component parts, or fork out for a sign up or joining fee. This upfront fee could be disguised in a number of different ways, but it usually amounts to over £50.

Sometimes, you'll never hear from the "employer" again - they'll take your sign up fees and disappear. On other occasions you will receive instructions, but not for packing as you might expect. Instead, you'll receive instructions on how to continue the scam.

With other scam artists, you will receive packing equipment - but after you have completed the task the scammer will find some way of rejecting your work, and you won't receive any payment.

How you can avoid the scams

There is one surefire way to avoid being scammed - never part with cash upfront. A real job will pay you.

You should also conduct thorough research on any work from home company that you are thinking of working for. The internet has made this easier than ever - just Google the company's name and see what results come up. Forum sites are particularly useful, because it's here that you may encounter reviews from past and current employees.

If you have any doubts, err on the side of caution and never give out your personal details if you don't trust the employer - better safe than sorry!

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