Best websites to look for jobs UK

You will already have heard of the likes of jobsite.co.uk and monster.co.uk. You’ve probably already uploaded your CV to these sites and many more like them so which other job sites are worth investigating? The best websites to look for jobs in the UK aren’t just the standard employment sites as you’ll see if you read on.


You might consider the following suggestion only applicable to those who struggle to find and retain work but Directgov’s site is a useful tool for anyone out of work. At jobseekers.direct.gov.uk you can search for work and filter the results into temp or perm, and by dated add or location.


This one’s another government site that’s worth a look. If you consider how many sites the NHS operates at and how many different types of job they offer, you’ll understand why a look at jobs.nhs.uk is time well spent for most jobseekers.

The Guardian

For a long time The Guardian has been one of the standard bearers in journalism but would you consider using their site when searching for work? Their jobs.guardian.co.uk portal is informative, helpful and lists great job opportunities.


If you’re looking for a job in education, look no further than tes.co.uk/jobsHub. This is the only place to go if you’re interested in a career in teaching but you may also find opportunities to work within the education system’s support staff.

Recruitment sites

Along with monster.co.uk and jobsite.co.uk, you should also consider everyjobsite.co.uk and fish4.co.uk/jobs. Spreading the word and putting your CV onto multiple sites can’t do your prospects any harm so don’t be shy – upload your details to each of them as soon as possible.

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