Best websites for jobs in Sri Lanka

If you’re looking to expand your career horizons, a job in another country may prove to be quite a challenge. One of the countries where you can find plenty of jobs for native English speakers is Sri Lanka. If you’re interested in doing some research about the current job market in Sri Lanka and maybe apply for a few positions, you can easily do this online. There are numerous websites specialised in listing jobs in Sri Lanka, so all you need to do is browse them.

One of the websites you should start with when looking for your dream job in Sri Lanka is topjobs.lk. This is one of the largest sites for jobs in Sri Lanka, where you can browse thousands of vacancies that are updated on a daily basis. With an impressive list of featured employers, including Eureka, Sit, Providence, Nestle or Suntel, this website offers jobseekers the possibility to search for jobs in categories such as healthcare, agriculture, accounting, customer relations, logistics, teaching, banking, civil engineering and many more others.

Another useful website is lankacareers.com. Here you can find a variety of jobs that can be the key to making a fresh start in another country. Jobseekers can browse several hundred jobs and also subscribe for getting jobs by email. Job sectors include accounting, marketing, IT, engineering, public relations, healthcare, retail, education and many more others. By visiting lankacareers.com you will also find a careers advice section that will help you prepare a great resume and be successful when it comes to interviews.

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