Best universities for primary education in the UK

Best Universities for primary education are those UK universities that can offer an excellent education for those individuals who wish to become primary school teachers. They prepare people for jobs as a primary school teacher. Some universities also offer placement options.

Top Universities: High Education Institutions

There are several universities that have a School of Education. All of them offer specialised classes for a future as a primary school teacher. Some of these universities are: Cambridge, Edge Hill University, Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow, Sheffield Hallam University, Warwick, Liverpool Hope University and Canterbury Christ Church.

Top Universities: Classes

The courses offer the possibility to study the following aspects of education:

  • Education in languages, arts and humanities
  • Education in math and sciences
  • History of education
  • Neuroscience and psychology
  • Language and literacy
  • Teacher development in primary school

The universities can be reached directly at admin.cam.co.uk, hope.ac.uk, bcu.ac.uk, gla.ac.uk, etc. The websites will offer you the opportunity to study the type of courses that you can take, as well the teaching materials used by each university.

Salary Expectations as a Primary School Teacher

Obtaining a teaching certification prepares you for one of the most rewarding jobs a person can hold: shaping the minds of young people and powering their imaginations. As a primary school teacher you can expect to start out with a salary that ranges from £17,500 to £24,000 per year, depending on where you find employment. As your years of teaching increase, so will your salary and in four years you could be making as much as £28,800 per year. Attending one of the best Universities for primary education can certainly help with finding a position in the upper salary range.


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