Best paying retail jobs

If you are on the lookout for worthwhile employment, retail jobs offer excellent opportunities. The fact is, along with fast food outlets, more people are employed in the retail sector than any other industry in the UK. With such a wide choice it's important to appreciate the best paying retail jobs.

The background to highly paid retail jobs

An excellent source of finding out the best paying retail jobs is to search online. Websites such as Student Room offer advice about the nature and availability of these jobs.

Supermarket positions

Tesco is not only one of the country's biggest providers of retails jobs, both in the part-time work that is popular with many students, and in full-time positions for those looking for more of a career. They are widely appreciated as offering amongst the best pay for supermarket work, in some cases beating high-end retailers such as Waitrose.

Marks and Spencer and ALDI are also regularly offer places for retail staff, with the incentive of bonus rates for anyone willing to work on public holidays.

Highest paid retail posts

While there will always be opportunities to work on the shop floor in retail outlets, if you have particular training behind you there are great openings at managerial level. Sales and marketing are also crucial areas of the retail industry where, if you can demonstrate aptitude and dynamism, you can earn a good buck.


Those retail jobs offering higher pay rates also depend on what is actually being sold. It is one thing to sell general produce in a supermarket. But outlets such as pharmacies, require assistants who can offer detailed advice to customers.

Shops selling specialist tools to particular trades will also remunerate staff according to the knowledge they can share with clients.

Where to find the retail jobs that pay the best

Because retail jobs are amongst the commonest, the best paying retail jobs will be widely-advertised in job websites, such as RetailChoice. While basic sales assistant do not always earn that much, there are usually perks, such as staff discounts, as well as mileage allowances. There may be opportunities to progress by taking on-board new skills, such as stocktaking. You will also developstrong customer-service skills.

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