Best paying fast food restaurants in the UK

Working in restaurants doesn’t normally pay well unless you’re the head chef but you can earn ok from some of the fast food places that line the high street. Fast food workers tend to earn a little less than their counterparts in other places, partly because waiters and waitresses can earn from tips. In terms of the hourly rate paid to workers in the UK, McDonald’s actually pay the best on average.



The national average hourly rate for a worker in a fast food place in the UK is a little over £5 per hour. The average hourly rate varies from £3.96 to £6.60 because some areas of the country like London pay higher wages due to higher living costs. Over time rates can be as high as £8.90 an hour and for some workers there are tips. Research shows that you’ll only get something like £2 per hour in tips if you’re really lucky.


Customer Service Assistants with McDonald’s get anywhere between £4.90 and £7.28 per hour for their efforts in one of the busiest environments you can work in. Managers can earn up to £10 an hour which compares really favourably with the money offered at rivals KFC.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC pay their Store Leaders around £7.50 an hour. We’re not sure if these guys have to carry out the same duties as managers in McDonald’s. If they do, this isn’t the place to work as a manager. If you’re just looking at work as a customer service assistant, you can expect to earn between £4.17 and £6.89 per hour.

Burger King

Burger King take customers from McDonald’s on a regular basis thanks to the Whopper and other flame-grilled offerings but they aren’t likely to steal any workers away any time soon with average hourly wages of between £3.96 and £6.27.

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