The Best Paid Programming Languages in 2013

So what were the best paid programming languages in 2013 and will this be able to offer an indication of the best paid programming gigs for 2014? We will run through the programming languages with the best pay in the UK and also talk through the benefits in learning these languages.

Mixed Bag

So what were the best paid programming languages in 2013? We have a wholistic approach in mind in order to secure a high paying position so getting your head around a few languages could make you far more likely to get a better salary.

With the advent of the iPhone in the late 2000's and the decision by Apple to allow developers create independent apps, Objective C became the language in the creation of iOS apps. In 2014 you can expect the demand for apps that run on iPhones, iPods and iPads to keep growing and therefore programmers proficient in Objective C can earn fantastic money.

Just as Objective C is a great language to have as Apple products continue to sell out, Android devices using apps in the Play Store are every bit in demand. Android apps are created using Java at their core and having a good grasp of this language will definitely help you secure mobile programming positions that pay quite well.

SQL has been a reliable language to get you hired for the past decade or so. Databases are core to all websites and businesses and a huge number of these rely on SQL in the UK. This will not change dramatically for 2014 so learning SQL is always going to be a huge benefit to any programmer. SQL allows programmers to edit and query databases to get precise information in a usable manner.

Master of All Trades

The real key to securing a top paying job with one of the best paid programming languages of 2013 is not just specialising in one exclusive language. You need to become good in a few of the most popular languages out there and combining Objective C, Java and SQL will put you in pole position for a top paying job.

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