Best paid jobs UK: medical practitioner

Data collated by the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings in 2011 revealed the average salary for full-time employees in Britain is £26,200. Of the top five best paid jobs in the UK, medical practitioner came second to the overall highest earner, chief executive. Medical practitioners – doctors, hospital consultants, generalpractitioners, psychiatrists and surgeons - can earn around £83,000 per annum.

Becoming a highly-paid medical practitioner

As well as being richly remunerated, a medical practitioner is one of the most worthwhile and rewarding roles in the workforce. But there are good reasons for the best paid jobs in the UK including medical practitioner. Attaining the status of a fully-qualified doctor involves many years of hard work, including studying, writing, researching and practicing. The steps towards becoming a successful medical practitioner can be summarized as follows:-

  • Education You will need to pass your high school exams at the best grades possible. The highery our performance and the more you excel in activities, the better your chances of gaining acceptance to your preferred centre of further education.
  • Undergraduate study You will have to study at a medical school attached to a university. Here you will also be given placement opportunities to shadow qualified doctors in hospital, or work in community settings.
  • Foundation programme This is a two-year period which all UK undergraduates have to undertake prior to progressing to further training (although there are some options to leave earlier and apply for what is known as a trust post).
  • Speciality training At some point you will have to decide on your career path. You can choose from general practice or a medical speciality. The length and intensity of the training you go through will depend on the nature of this choice. Some specialities involve a high degree of ‘on the job’ tuition, while others commence with core training.
  • Professional development As well as undergoing the official training, medical practitioners are expected to keep abreast of medical advances at all times in their home study and personal development.

Salary scales for medical practitioners

Your standing among the best paid jobs in the UK as a medical practitioner depends on whether you opted for a speciality or general practice. At the minimum end of the scale, a speciality doctor can expect to earn around £37,000 per annum, rising to £51,000 as an associate specialist. The figures at the top end of that scale are, respectively, £68,600 and £85,000. When doctors are in training their salaries will commence at around £23,500.

There are other factors, such as a London weighting, which will increase the amounts.

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