Best paid jobs for graduates

If you’re approaching the end of your course, you’ll want to know where to find the best paid jobs for graduates. Of course, not all of the following will be open to you if you’ve already started your course but if you’re not yet sure what to study at university, this list could give you some ideas of the sorts of industries that pay the best in the UK.
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Graduate starting pay sector

No matter what course you’re doing, the industry you end up in is up to you. That’s great news because the business sector you find yourself in can make a major difference to your financial package. Industries that are on the up or those that traditionally do well, pay graduates handsomely as you’ll see from the following list.

  • Investment bank or fund managers £43,500
  • Law firm £37,000
  • Banking or financial services £33,000
  • IT/telecommunications £28,500
  • Energy, water or utility company £27,500
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company £27,500
  • Consulting or business service firm £26,500
  • Transport or logistics company £26,000
  • Engineering or industrial company £25,250
  • Construction company or consultancy £25,250
  • Accountancy or professional services firm £25,000
  • Retail £24,500
  • Public sector £23,700

Types of jobs

Now that you’ve decided on the business sector you’ll work in, it’s time to look at the particular job role you’ll dedicate yourself to for several decades. There are several major jobs that cross all sectors like accounting. Accountants earn well but they work under a lot of pressure and with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. The average starting salary for graduates in this role is £25,000. This is a job that offers scope for improvement as there’s a defined ladder that could bring you up to Chief Financial Officer one day. Engineers are another group who earn consistently well on graduate wages. Aerospace Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Civil Engineers all earn great money. A Chemical Engineering graduate for example can command £28,000 to start.

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