Best journalism schools in the UK

Journalism is an important job thanks to digital media. It’s also a varied career that will take you to a lot of different places and put you in front of loads of interesting people but you’ll need qualifications in order to get your foot in the door as this is a highly competitive sector. The best journalism schools in the UK will offer you the right training and a qualification that’s recognised across the industry.
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London School of Economics and Political Sciences

This institute is ranked number one in the UK and number 2 in the world for communication studies so it’s the obvious choice. Living and studying in the capital is very appealing no matter which university you end up at but a qualification from LSE will go a lot further to establishing your credentials as a journalist than one from a similar institute.

Loughborough University

These guys are ranked 4th among universities in the UK and 48th across the world so you’ll be attending a top university. The Loughborough University is a highly respected institute that offers a BSc in Communication and Media Studies and a BSc in Media, Culture and Society. You could also study for an MA degrees in Digital Media and Society, Global Media and Cultural Industries, and Media and Cultural Analysis.

Cardiff University

This institute is the 5th best university in the UK for media and communications studies and it’s among the top 100 across the world. You can pick from an impressive selection of journalism courses here including Journalism, Media and English Literature and Media and Culture studies. This one’s a popular choice among international students in part because Cardiff is such a vibrant and enjoyable city to live in.

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