Best jobs if you are a little lazy

If you’re smart but lazy, you’ll be wondering where you can work for the most money and the least effort. We’ve had a look into it because we know you can’t be bothered to spend any more of your time doing so.

Computer programmer

This is a job for a high achiever but you don’t need to be all that self-motivated to work as a computer programmer. Investors are paying you for that next “big idea” so you don’t need to put the effort or the hours in. Writing a few lines of code each day is often enough to keep everyone happy.

Professional expert

This is one for a late developer in the art of laziness because it dictates that you were dedicated enough at something to become a professional expert in it. Now that you’re a little older and your experience is worth more than your ideas, you could use your expertise by selling it to those who need it. This sort of job is something that people fall into. TV script doctors come to mind (those who suggest changes to someone else’s work), and consultants in most fields can be called professional experts, and each can earn a lot from a little.


You could always join Microsoft where your laziness will be a virtue. Bill Gates has often been quoted as saying: “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it.” If that sounds like you, check out their job section careers.microsoft.com.

Teaching English in a foreign country

Teachers in the UK are over worked and under paid. They’re under-appreciated and get way too much grief from parents who feel they have a right to complain. Well, that’s not the case in all countries. Why not get the qualifications to teach English and then get on a plane and teach your native tongue in a foreign country with classrooms full of appreciative kids who want to understand the language that British music and American movies are written in.

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