Best jobs for the future

The good news for workers is that UKCES, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, has carried out research which shows that employment will rise steadily over the remainder of the decade, with around 1.5 million additional jobs created by 2020. This demand will be created by people retiring, others making career moves or people giving up work for family reasons. The best jobs for the future are going to be in the industries that are growing.
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Skilled professions

The UKCES report goes into a lot of detail about the industries that will grow in the future but we don’t have space to cover all of them so we’ll being you through the report’s key predictions. The number of management roles, skilled professional positions and jobs for those with professional qualifications is set to grow in the UK. At the other end of the scale, there will also be plenty of new positions available for those new to work as around 100,000 new graduate, apprentice and trainee roles will be made available by 2020.

People skills

There will also be growth in the hospitality sector as around 313,000 new jobs are expected to be created. Most of these will be in hotels and restaurants but there will also be more work in the leisure industry and other service occupations like care homes for the elderly.

Private service sector

Work in the private service sector is set to increase by around 1 million in the time period. Computing and accounting and finance will be where the majority of jobs are created. These areas were hit particularly hard by the recession as firms decided to cut their costs in the areas of the business that don’t generate revenue for them but these business support roles will increase proportionally as firms overall employee numbers rise.

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